H & B Machine and Tool has been an industrial bellwether for over 4 decades. We set the standard for production capability and flexibility. Our unique multi-purpose facility allows us to execute multiple stages of tool and mold production; including the manufacture of injection, compression and transfer molds for a wide variety of applications in the rubber and plastic industries. Our specialized molding targets small to medium scale intricate engineering parts for production and prototype tools. Our strong knowledge base of CAD/CAM and product design allows us to present our customers with an ideal source for consultation of product development.    

H & B can manufacture to the most critical dimensional tolerances and surface finishes using our modern equipment and specialty tools designed in house. Our vast employee experience allows us to work with a number of materials from Carbon to Stainless, from Aluminum to Brass and everything in between. Our state of the art equipment and skilled craftsmen allow us to deliver exceptional precision and accuracy that meets or exceeds customer specifications. H & B will design a building solution, manage production, and deliver your custom product to your specifications on schedule. We invite you to challenge us with your most intricate parts with the expectations that we will be able to develop a quality solution customized to your needs.


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